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Is Golf Popularity Declining in America?

As we know Golf started gaining popularity in America in about 1890 & since then the game never looked back, thr growth was immense, as America became the world biggest market for golf.

The game added about $70 billion a year to America’s economy & in year 2006, about 30 million Americans were golfers, but since then the figure has declined.

Golf Popularity Declining in America

The new generation of America is not looking interested in gold, hence the popularity is on decline, as in 2013, 160 of the country’s 14,600 golf facilities was closed & the number of players playing golf in America has fallen to 25 million, which shows a big decline in numbers.

What are the reasons behind Golf’s Decline in America?

There are few reasons of golf’s decline.

1. Golf is not a Fast Pace Sport

Believe it or not, this has been one of the major reason why number of gold players has gone down, it is a slow paced sport & people these days do not like to spend time about 4 hours to complete a game, it just does not suit their lifestyle, that’s why you will see most of the fast paced sports that get finished in hour or so are getting popular.

2. America’s Economy is an Issue

You would never though that country’s economy will have an impact on any sport, but it does have as troubled economy means mid range and low range golfers have to look at pockets before buying memberships of clubs, that’s the reason behind many golf facilities that was depending on mid range or lower golfers has been closed, even the government facilities has been closed to lower down the spending’s.

3.  Golf is hard to play

it was not the case before 1990, that’s when gold curse designers started making difficult & longer courses which made gold a tough sport, also the 200 page rule book make it more difficult for golf promoters to sell the sport to new generation.

Although due to all these issues golf still has good base of players & also with new strategies, like re-inventing the sport with easier & shorter format, it may attract a huge bunch of young Americans.

So, what do you think? Will the Sport regain it’s popularity in America again?

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